Star MasterI already had shared this story on my other blog and then thought to myself that really it was more suited for here so I thought I would share it with you here…

On my other podcast my co-host talked about how he made a purchase online and didn’t realise until the receipt came, that he had bought gear from an unknown company in China.

Of course that means the site was a dupe, to try and get you to think it was someone else and all that.

Anyway the gear came but he said he would be very careful about where he shopped from for now on.

So here I am this past summer, surfing Amazon and I find a mini star projector lamp that is supposed to project the star constellations on your ceiling and walls.  I thought it would be awesome on my lanai.

Jump to today…

It seems I have been burnt by a Chinese vendor on Amazon.

Not that it is a really big deal, the item only cost me $5 and the shipping was free and it only took 6 months to get here.  So basically, I had forgotten I had ordered it.

But the other night UrbanGuyTO went to the PO Box to pick up some packages that were waiting for us there. It was like Christmas all over again!

I was opening packages and out comes the Star Master. Woohooo

Lamp that does not work

This is the photo of a lamp/bulb that does not work…

I took it out of the box, plugged it in…and NOTHING!

Put in the batteries…nothing!


So I started the process of requesting a return from the vendor through Amazon.

Of course they tried to “trouble shoot” the problem.

First came the comment…

Did you try other batteries?


That’s the first thing you do…even when you are a kid and your remote control car doesn’t work, you immediately try new batteries! 

I mean, even if you dropped your remote control in a puddle and fried the electronics, you hope that it was just the batteries. Right?

Next, the person on the other asked…

Can you send us a photo of the problem?

Death Star PlanitariumHow the fuck does one take a photo of a lamp that doesn’t work to prove it doesn’t work?

Does anyone else see my logic in thinking that is a super stupid question?

So I sent a letter to Amazon and said that I really didn’t care about the $5 yet I thought I would share my experience in case they cared.

Not even 30 minutes passed and I received an email from Amazon agreeing that I was not crazy, the question was “stupid” and that my refund had been processed.

I am going to go back to my original idea of getting the Death Star Planetarium from Think Geek!

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