Get ready ladies and gentlemen, turnipHed is heading back into the kitchen.

After seeing something on Facebook, during one of my famous bouts of insomnia, I saw these videos about making Skittle Vodka and Jolly Rancher Vodka.

So I have decided with the little bit of vodka I had left over from New Years I would give it a try…

So I have been following this recipe for the trials…

  • 12 Skittles of the same flavour or colour
  • 50mL of Vodka
  • Put the Skittles and Vodka in a vessel of some sort. (I used cleaned out small 236mL POM Bottles)
  • Gave it a bit of swish and forgot about it for a day or so until it was all dissolved
  •  Filter through a coffee filter or paper towel

So I gave regular lemon a try. Tasted good.  Didn’t filter it.

Started a strawberry a try. It has been sitting for almost a week but I am just now filtering it.

I am cheating because I am using a paper towel in a funnel, but it is coming out super clear, drip by drip!

This evening I started a batch of orange SOUR Skittles.  That I am really excited about because I LOVE the sour ones.  The more sour the better.

I will keep you up-to-date…


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