Thank you so much for bearing with us as we are slow in getting episodes published.  This was recorded just after Easter weekend…and then something horrible happened and everything was put on hold.

Some of you may have heard via Big Fatty Online, however, for those of you that have not heard; some one very close to turnipHed took his life at the beginning of April.

What made it even harder for turnipHed is that it was UrbanGuyTO’s partner that died.

I won’t get into any details, in fact I do not want to talk about the details, however, in the near future turnipHed and UrbanGuyTO will be talking a bit about depression and suicide and how pervasive it is in our community.

While this episode was recorded a while ago, and there is one more in the bank that will be coming out shortly, we now hope to be able to stick to our previous recording and publishing schedule.

Elevator at turnipHed's Apartment is Out of ServiceIn this episode we talk about the following major topics;

  • Some supernatural things
  • Wes’ oven dying
  • The nefarious people living in turnipHed’s apartment complex
  • Easter and the Ten Commandments
  • Dickies
  • Oh yeah, turnipHed is down and elevator again

Please, if you are feeling overwhelmed, tired, exhausted, talk to someone, anyone. No matter what, where, why or when.

Enjoy folks.

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