turnipHed has made it official, April is a shit month and we need to move on.

We learned the sad news about two of our Pride48 family that lost their home to a fire on 19 April. David That Blue Jeans Guy and his fiancé Mr. Green Jeans lost their entire apartment in a blaze. We are thankful that they and kitty got out unscathed but we don’t over look that horror it is to lose everything.

A GoFundMe has been set up if you are able to help them out that would be beyond appreciated.

On to other news;

  • Doctor Stone doesn’t want to commute 100 miles a day for a new job
  • turnipHed adds a new title to his name with Faux Girls
  • Doctor Stone has a GYM related malady
  • Pass the Butter! turnipHed knew that all that diet schmiet stuff was bullshit!
  • Hipster Hobos
  • Banana Thieves
  • What very well may be our last Elevator Report!


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